Friday, February 8, 2008

Appliance Life Expectancy Chart

A home inspectors job requires the ability to make general observations for many household appliances. Visual observations based on the appearance of each home appliance gives good clues to the condition and age of each and is commonly noted in the home inspection report.

Some good home inspectors will go even further in writing and tracing the model and serial numbers to come up with a more specific age. Others may use electronic equipment such as a microwave leak detector and digital thermometer during their inspection. Since testing of appliances is usually outside most Home Inspection Association's Standards of Practice, the latter is usually performed in highly competitive areas such as California, Florida, Ohio home inspection markets The more services that are performed for typically the same cost will be remembered by many home inspection clients.

As a NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) certified home inspector, it is essential for me to have a list of approximate appliance life expectancies. This list is included below. If you are interested in more information of the home inspection process in general, please visit House To Home Inspections website. Here is the list:


Trash Compactor 10 years.
Dishwasher - 10 years.
Garbage Disposer - 10 years.
Dryer - 10 years.
Freezer (compact) - 12 years.
Freezer (standard) - 16 years.
Microwave Oven - 11 years.
Range (freestanding and built-in, electric) - 17 years.
Range (freestanding and built-in, gas) - 19 years.
Range (high oven, gas) - 14 years.
Refrigerator (compact) - 14 years.
Refrigerator (standard) - 17 years.
Washer (automatic and compact) - 13 years.
Exhaust Fans - 20 years.


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