Monday, March 24, 2008

Top Ten Defects Found During a Home Inspection

Top Ten Defects Found During a Home Inspection (By Number of Occurrences)

House To Home Inspections LLC Serves Milford Ohio & Southwest OH home inspection clients.

1- Lights Out - This is by far the number one item for over the last eight years. Over 90% of homes will have at least one light not working during the inspection.

2- Walkway/Driveway Cracked - Another common find during our professional home inspection. Over half the time these would be considered as safety issues.

3- Outlets Not Working - The word must have gotten out that electricians are expensive from a few years ago. The number of occurrences has been slightly reduced from that time.

4- Windows Need Caulk - One of the cheapest ways to save energy is to caulk around windows and doors.

5- Door Hardware Repairs/Adjustment - Hardware repairs are a common find on exterior doors and door adjustments common on hollow core interior doors.

6- Roof Flashing Needs Caulk/Nail heads Exposed - Even more common than loose/damaged shingles. Areas that are harder to see from the ground tend to get less attention from a savvy seller. Click here for a complete home inspection report with photos.

7- Secure/Repair Loose/Damaged Shingles - Mostly windblown shingles and exposed nail heads in our area of the country.

8- Recommend Insulation Improvements - More of an improvement rather than a necessary expense although noted in most inspection reports.

9- Water Heater Electrical Supply Line Needs Conduit - A very common find during a professional home inspection. This comes down to a matter of safety.

10- Door Bell Not Working - As strange as it may sound, the first thing that people usually operate when visiting a house, does not work. These repairs can get a little involved.

Many times we find signs of mold or conditions that are attractive to mold. Click here more information about mold in Ohio.

More information can be found at the Milford Ohio home inspector page.

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Russell said...

Being on inspection without sufficient lighting might be bordering on seller conspiracy. Seriously, excelent article on the "Top Ten" defects.

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lewiscenterrealtor said...

Thanks for the tips!

DIY said...

Most helpful post...then we must work on these lines before inviting the home inspector.Have you mentions pipes?That is also what they check.

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rick said...
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rick said...

Those are the things one must know during home inspection. Very -well said! Thanks. :)

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NYCmoldRemoval said...

Yes these are the things that needs to be checked before taking up the real estate and most of them ...or multiple of them don't function.

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mikesac said...

Thanks for noting them down and I will immediately make a note in my diary cause when we are there at the spot of the event inspecting we tend to forget.

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David said...

Thanks for providing the top ten defects found at home by inspection services. These are really common problems, but still, it boils down to the lack of maintenance of some residents.

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Frank Jenkins said...

One of the most top ten defects for me is the mold problem. That is why I am searching of some companies and how much mold removal cost is.

Steven Robinson said...

So this is the top ten defects that can be found in my home.But why can't I find how to unclog bathtub on this list? I hope this includes with the top ten defects since I am dealing with it most of my time.